About Us Demand Letter


No. _________________________                                       Dated:__________________

Embassy of India
Baghdad (Iraq)

Dear Sirs,

            Please note that our company is having business in Iraq by the name and addressof____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
and with Registration/License  No. __________. This company has obtained permission from the Ministry of Labour / visas from the Naturalization and Residency Department in Baghdad/__________________ for recruitment of ________workers as per the details given below / list attached:

S. No.

No. of Persons


Basic Monthly Salary *













* Must conform to the Minimum Reference Wage effective April 1, 2011

2.         The concerned authorities have granted approval for the recruitment of____________________________________________________________ (both in figures and words) Indian workers for the company.

3.*       We have authorised ______________________________________________________
_____________________________________________________________________________,a Registered Recruiting Agent in India, to complete the formalities with the Protector of Emigrants, Government of India, and to sign all necessary documents required by the said office in connection with the recruitment of _______________________________________________
_____________________________ (both in figures and words) Indian workers for service with the said company as well as to arrange their passports, passages, etc.        

3.*       These Indian workers have been recruited by us directly and we have authorised a Registered Recruiting Agent in India, _______________________________________________
________________________________________________________________________ to do the necessary emigration clearance only of these workers for whom visas have been obtained by us.
       (* Omit whichever is not applicable)


-:  2  :-


            The following terms of services shall be included in the contract:

1.         Period of Employment                                    : _______ Years
2.         Place of Employment                                      : Baghdadi/__________________
3.         Probation/Trial Period                                     : __________ Months
4.         Basic Salary and Allowance                           : ______ IQD (Click for new minimum wages)
5.         Working Hours                                               : Eight Hours per day for six days a week
                                                                                      with one day off.  Overtime Allowance
                                                                                      will be paid for any additional hours of
work in accordance with IraqLabour Law.                                                                                     
6.         Accommodation                                             : Will be provided by the company
7.         Transportation from residence to place of      : Will be provided by the company
            work and back
8.         Free food or food allowance in lieu thereof   :  Will be provided by the company   
9.         Air ticket from India to Iraq when                 :  Will be provided by the company
                                                                                        joining and  upon return to India

10.       Residence Permit for the period of the           :  Will be arranged by the company
            Contract and for any renewed period and
            payment of any fine for delay in obtaining
            such permit                             
            No deduction from the salary of the workers shall be made by the company for
           any of the items at S.No. 5 to 9 above.

11.       Conditions for termination of            
            Employment and final settlement                   :
12.       Medical benefits/Medical insurance details                                        :          
13.       Leave benefits                                                 :          
14.       Provision in regard to renewal of Contract.                                                               
15.       Occupational safety provisions                                   As per IraqLabour Law
16.       Social security provisions including
            Compensation for injury and death                :                      
17.       Mode of settlement of disputes                      :
18.       Provisions in regard to disposal and
            transportation of dead body of the
            Employee to India                                                     

This Demand Letter is valid only for three months from the date of issue i.e. ………… and will not be valid after………………….

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