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House No. 22, Street No.16,
District No. 609, Al Mansour,
Baghdad (Iraq).
Tel: +964-7726739642 (During working hours)

Commercial matters                        : com.baghdad@mea.gov.in

ITEC related matters                                :  inf.baghdad@mea.gov.in 

ICCR and Education related matters.      :  com.baghdad@mea.gov.in 

Consular/ Passport and 
Visa related matters                        : cons.baghdad@mea.gov.in

Indian Workers Welfare
related issues                                  : cons1.baghdad@mea.gov.in
Any other information                     : hoc.baghdad@mea.gov.in

In case of Emergency, the following numbers may be contacted:

In Hindi & English   24 X 7 Helpline No.  + 964 -7716511185