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Detailed Address of Iraqi Company

Know all men by these present that we ______________________________________

Detailed Address of Indian Recruiting Agent

Registration Number of the Indian Agent

 ______________________________________________, IRAQ a company organized under the laws of Iraq and having Trade License No._____________ (Photostat copy attached)  do hereby appoint_____________________________________________ ____________________________________________________approved by Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi, vide their Registration        No.____________________________________ to be our true and lawful attorney in India to complete all formalities with the Protector of Emigrants, Government of India, and to sign all necessary documents except individual work agreements/employment contracts, required by the said office in connection with the recruitment of_________________________________________________________________Indian workers for service with the said company and to arrange their passports, passage etc. Approval for the recruitment of these Indian workers have been granted by the Ministry of Labour / Naturalization and Residency Department in Iraq of ____________________ as per details given below/attached list.

S. No.

No. of Persons


Basic Monthly Salary













Total number of Indian workers (in figures & words)  :  ___________________________

In witness where of we have executed this agreement in the presence of the subscribing witness.
This Power of Attorney is valid only for three months from the date of issue i.e. ………….. and will not be valid after ……………  If renewed, it will not be valid without the attestation by the Embassy of India, Baghdad

Name & Signature
Seal of the company.