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Registration of Non-ECR Passport holders travelling for employment/work in 18 Countries including Iraq

Posted on: November 19, 2018 | Back | Print

  • The Government of India has decided that Non-ECR (Emigration Check Required) Passport holding Indian nationals, going for Overseas Employment to 18 Countries including Iraq, are required to register online through the Emigration Portal (www.emigrate.gov.in), at least 24 hours prior to their actual departure. The registration will be mandatory from 01.01.2019 and thereafter, no Indian national holding Non-ECR Passport would be allowed to travel to the 18 Countries including Iraq for employment purpose without this registration.

  • Offloading of unregistered Non-ECR Emigrants at the airports would be effected by the concerned authority in India after 01.01.2019. In case of any queries/clarifications, kindly may contact Parvasi Bharatiya Sahayata Kendra (PBSK) on toll free number 1800113090 or 01140503090 (charges apply) or by email to helpline@mea.gov.in.